Women’s Health Services

  • Treatment of and education about symptoms associated with menopause and perimenopause, such as:
    Mood, memory, and concentration issues
    Worsening PMS symptoms
    Irregular and/or heavy bleeding
    Hot flashes/night sweats
    Headaches or migraines
    Vaginal pain or discomfort
    Recurrent vaginal or urinary tract infections
    Low or absent libido, hair loss, or exhaustion
    Abdominal bloating or weight gain.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of PMS/PMDD.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of menstrual problems, including irregular menses, heavy or painful menses, polycystic ovaries (including medical treatment of acne and excess hair growth).
  • Diagnosis and treatment of vulvodynia/vestibulodynia/vestibulitis, vaginal and/or vulvar pain.
  • Breast cancer screening.
  • Cervical cancer screening (pap smear and HPV testing).
  • Screening and treatment for vaginal infections.
  • Blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes screening and treatment.
  • Osteoporosis screening and treatment.
  • Thyroid disease screening and treatment.
  • Careful and considered contraceptive counseling.
  • Mirena, Skyla, and ParaGard IUD insertion.
  • Nexplanon contraceptive implant insertion.